Paul Dini Launches Kickstarter For Graphic Novel Boo & Hiss

Paul Dini is back with a new project. The writer-producer -- best known for his work on popular Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment shows such as Batman: The Animated Series and Tiny Toon Adventures -- has announced his latest project Boo & Hiss through Kickstarter. Looney Tunes and Animaniacs artist Dave Alvarez will illustrate the project.

According to the official description, the 48-page original graphic novel “turns the game of cat and mouse on its (paranormal) head” and tells the flip side of  the "prey outwitting the predator" cliché. Instead of stories reminiscent of Tom and Jerry, where the cat never gets the mouse, Hiss the cat does eat his prey: a mouse named Boo. However, the chase is far from over when Boo comes back as a ghost to haunt Hiss and get his revenge: "Wherever Hiss goes, Boo follows, tormenting him in various ways: nearly scaring him to death, possessing his body and making him do terrible and embarrassing things, and just generally making his life a living hell. The cat becomes the hunted and the ghost mouse the hunter in the twisted, comic, scary, and poignant world of Boo & Hiss!"

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Boo & Hiss has been a passion project of mine for a couple of years,” Dini said in a statement. “I was intrigued with the idea of what would happen in a classic cartoon predator/prey relationship if the predator, in this case a cat, got to finally do in his adversary only to have the mouse return as a ghost and bedevil the cat. That sparked a bigger story about the afterlife, involving angels, devils, zombies and just about everything else I could work in.”

"Dave is the perfect artist to illustrate a story that has some horror and some heartbreak, but is basically a lot of fun," he added. "We're also lucky to have Stephanie Buscema on board to do some covers and contribute a few gruesomely gorgeous designs.”

Dini feels Kickstarter is the best way to bring his book “directly to the fans.”

Fans can support Boo & Hiss through the graphic novel’s official Kickstarter page. Fulfillment of perks will be handled by entertainment company Erasmus Fox.

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