Dini Pitched a '40s-Era Batman Radio Pilot with Voices from Animated Series

Sounds like fans of Batman: The Animated Series missed out on a potentially awesome project. Paul Dini, one of the main driving forces behind the cartoon series and co-creator of the animated Justice League series, has revealed that he once pitched an old-timey Batman radio pilot that would have brought back the original cast of the fan-favorite series.

The revelation came on Twitter, after a fan asked if the writer had ever considered doing a Justice League-based radio show. "I once pitched the idea of doing a "lost" Batman radio pilot circa 1942 with the original animated series voices," Dini answered, "but it didn't go for a variety of internal reasons."

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Considering the '30s and '40s aesthetic that helped make the series what is it, a 1942-based radio show would have been a natural fit for Dini and the cast of the series. With the current popularity of online podcasts, here's hoping this tweet is enough to get this project going again, if only for a special episode.

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Dini has just wrapped up a two-issue comic series, Harley Loves Joker, illustrated by artist Bret Blevins. The story reads like a lost episode of Batman: The Animated Series, and both issues are available in stores now.

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