Paul Crocker's secret past revealed in new 'Queen & Country' TPB

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This July Greg Rucka, Brian Hurtt, and Oni Press are going back in time with the trade paperback collection of QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED! No need to dig out your parachute pants and Flock of Seagulls records though. No, all you need for this trip is a love of Cold War spies and an affinity for the delicate balance of politics and action that made Rucka's QUEEN & COUNTRY a critical and commercial success.

"While QUEEN & COUNTRY was always supposed to be Tara's story, it was obvious from the start that Paul Crocker was the other break-out character," commented Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Back when he was drawing the second arc of the regular series, artist Brian Hurtt suggested that we should take a look at how Crocker became the bastard he is today. At that point Greg knew we just had to do our first QUEEN & COUNTRY spin-off. More than that, we knew who had to draw it. Brian turned a creative corner during DECLASSIFIED, transforming from a talented artist honing his craft into a great storyteller capable of just about anything he put his mind to."

"What started as an idea for a Q&C annual quickly expanded into a larger tale," added editor James Lucas Jones. "Greg had such a great story in mind that we couldn't see cramming it into 56-pages. We knew that this mission needed more room to breathe even if Paul would never get a chance to. The three-issue miniseries collected in this book was the answer."

Set in the mid-80s, DECLASSIFIED focuses on Paul Crocker as a young secret agent about to learn some of the hard lessons that will make him a lifer in the spy business. A botched escort of a defecting enemy agent out of Berlin has put Crocker's abilities to do his job into question, and when he receives terrible news about another agent back home, he even loses confidence in himself. When he leaves his nice home, his new wife, and the complacent world of desk jockeys and paper pushers behind him to meet another defector in Prague, will he be able to avoid making the same mistakes again or will his hands be stained with blood forever?

"The events in DECLASSIFIED do more than just setup the man Paul Crocker has become in the main QUEEN & COUNTRY series," concluded Jones, "The characters and situations hint at the future of the series as a whole and the repercussions of this one mission so many years ago will definitely come back to haunt Crocker in the stories to come."

QUEEN & COUNTRY: DECLASSIFIED TP will ship to comic book stores on July 23, 2002. It has 96 pages of black-and-white story and art in a comic-sized book wrapped in a new cover by Scott Morse (BAREFOOT SERPENT) and is priced at $8.95. Its ISBN is 1929998589.

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