Paul Cornell wants your fan fiction

Action Comics and upcoming Batman & Robin writer Paul Cornell has put out the call for stories starring his characters and written by the fans. As a part of his annual Twelve Blogs of Christmas, he'd like to feature "links to fan fiction stories that involve characters I've created."

"The story must feature at least one character I created," he wrote on his blog. "So not just characters I've used but were created by other people, like the Doctor or Lex Luthor. (Although they can appear too.) That covers prose, comics, television and anything else you can think of."

So that begs the question (as someone asked in his comments field) -- what characters has Cornell created? Well, there's Bernice Summerfield, of course, plus Faiza Hussain, John the Skrull, the Young Masters and all those guys from Knight & Squire, for starters, plus a new character called The Absence who will debut in Batman & Robin #17, but it's highly unlikely anyone has written a story about him yet, since he hasn't even debuted.

The deadline to submit a link is Dec. 15.

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