Paul Cornell goes exclusive with DC Comics

DC's The Source blog announced today that writer Paul Cornell has signed an exclusive contract with the publisher. I guess this means I can finally take down my "Bring back Captain Britain and MI13" petition page, heavy sigh.

Cornell was named the writer of Action Comics back in April, and in yesterday's interview with CBR, Dan Didio said "...even though he's not new to comics but new to DC, Paul Cornell is a guy who we see an expanded role for in the DCU as well." So it's probably no surprise that he's signed on with them for two years.

"...I'm a couple of issues into one title you haven't heard about yet," Cornell said on his blog. "I couldn't be happier, or feel more welcomed, in my new playground."

Cornell's run on Action Comics starts at the end of this month with issue #890. Cornell shared his plans for the book with the Source:

“With his experiences in BLACKEST NIGHT, LEX LUTHOR learned what true, unbridled power feels like, and it’s left him focused on regaining that power—and more. He’s an addict now. So Lex has found himself a plan, a way to scratch that itch.

“As Lex proceeds on his quest, we’ll see more of what drives him, what’s inside this man. We’ll also see how he deals with encounters with the greatest villains of the DC Universe, characters from outside his genre and his comfort zone, as he discovers the path to ultimate power leads him to several surprising places on Earth and beyond.

“To name just a few of the villains we’ve got lined up… in the forbidding terrain of Antarctica, Lex will face off against DEATHSTROKE. He’ll match brains and brawn with VANDAL SAVAGE, leading to a crossover with SECRET SIX. He’ll find himself the target of LARFLEEZE, the Orange Lantern, himself still lusting for power. And he’ll match his own savagery against that of GORILLA GRODD. That battle leads to an encounter with a really unexpected character. And we’ve held back a few of the most interesting and surprising names he’ll be going up against.

“All of this leads to issue #900. Which will be a responsibility, and a milestone, and a beast of a book. So no pressure. It brings Lex’s quest to an end, and solves several mysteries introduced along the way. I think it’s a great story, and I’m proud to be working with a great team to bring it to life.”

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