Paul Cornell: A DC Exclusive

Though his first issue has yet to hit comic shops, writer Paul Cornell's incoming run on DC Comics flagship title "Action Comics" has been a hot topic amongst fans of the writer and of Superman. When it ships on June 30, the 890th issue of the title won't feature the Man of Steel at all but instead will focus on his arch-nemesis as Cornell takes Lex Luthor for a spin, and today in advance of that release, DC announced via their blog The Source that the writer has signed an exclusive contract with the publisher.

"I'm delighted to have signed exclusively to DC Comics," Cornell told the blog. :The work Pete [Woods], Matt [Idelson], Wil [Moss] and I are doing as a team on Action Comics has been tremendously satisfying, and I'm enjoying my other creative partnerships here just as much. I feel thoroughly cosseted! And hey, Lex Luthor! Who wouldn't be psyched to get to play with name recognition like that?"

The writer also teased his plans for the title's run up towards its milestone 900th issue: To name just a few of the villains we've got lined up... in the forbidding terrain of Antarctica, Lex will face off against Deathstroke. He'll match brains and brawn with Vandal Savage, leading to a crossover with SECRET SIX. He'll find himself the target of Larfleeze, the Orange Lantern, himself still lusting for power. And he'll match his own savagery against that of Gorilla Grodd. That battle leads to an encounter with a really unexpected character. And we've held back a few of the most interesting and surprising names he'll be going up against.

"All of this leads to issue #900. Which will be a responsibility, and a milestone, and a beast of a book. So no pressure. It brings Lex's quest to an end, and solves several mysteries introduced along the way. I think it's a great story, and I'm proud to be working with a great team to bring it to life."

For more info, check out The Source, and be sure to keep it locked to CBR for more info on "Action Comics" and Cornell's future as it's available.

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