Wonder Woman Director Weighs In On Whedon's Batgirl


Speaking to the Toronto Sun in a recent interview, "Wonder Woman" director Patty Jenkins ("Game of Thrones") gave her two cents on Joss Whedon reportedly being circled to write, direct and produce a "Batgirl" solo film for Warner Bros.

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Jenkins was clear that she wasn't sure if Whedon's hiring was a done deal, saying, “I don’t even know if that deal is done or not – I don’t have the inside scoop on that." However, she added, “But if it is done, then I’m excited about it.”

“I think [Whedon on "Batgirl"] super exciting,” Jenkins said. “The tone of Joss’ work is great for female superheroes. He takes such a fun approach and I think he’ll have fun in the DC universe, which will be excited to have him.”

A “Batgirl” film would mark the second major female-driven superhero movie from Warner Bros. and DC, after the Jenkins-directed “Wonder Woman,” in theaters this summer. Whedon himself was previously attached to a “Wonder Woman” film in the early ’00s, though those talks inevitably fell through.

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Having first appeared in 1967 as Barbara Gordon, the daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, Batgirl was created by writer Gardner Fox and artist Carmine Infantino. The mantle of Batgirl has been taken up by several characters since Gordon, including fan-favorites Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain. Gordon’s take on Batgirl saw a resurgence in recent comics thanks to the work of Cameron Stewart, Brendan Fletcher and Babs Tarr, who reinvigorated the concept with an updated costume and a new setting in “The Batgirl of Burnside.”

Inspired by the 2011 run on the character -- which kicked off at the dawn of the New 52 -- under writer Gail Simone and artist Ardian Syaf, the potential Whedon "Batgirl" film hasn't been given a release date.

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