Patty Jenkins 'Has A <i>Great</i> Take' On <i>Thor 2</i>, Chris Hemsworth Says

Thor star Chris Hemsworth contends that Monster director Patty Jenkins, a seemingly unlikely choice to helm an effects-heavy superhero film, would be a terrific choice to succeed Kenneth Branagh on the Marvel sequel.

“She has a great take on the story and a solid grasp on that kind of universe," the actor told the Los Angeles Times on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman in Wales.

Jenkins, nominated for an Emmy this year for directing the pilot episode of AMC's The Killing, confirmed earlier this week that she's in talks for Thor 2. She would be the studio's first female director. "I think Marvel is really ballsy to think outside the box," she said.

While she acknowledged she was already doing research for the job, Jenkins wouldn't divulge which comics she's reading. Rest assured, though, that she'll come to the sequel with a firm grasp of Marvel lore.

“Branagh read every comic book he could get his hands on,” Hemsworth said. “She also looked like she had done her homework.”

The sequel, which opens July 26, 2013, is said to “take Thor literally to other worlds.” The first movie has grossed $447 million worldwide since its premiere in May.

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