Patton Oswalt's Halloween Costume Makes Other Dads Look Bad

On today, the spookiest of days, many parents are taking their kids trick-or-treating. One parent though, is escalating this tradition to absurdly awesome levels.

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As you can see, comedian Patton Oswalt's daughter Alice wanted to dress as Raven from the Teen Titans for Halloween this year. She evidently made the costume herself. At the age of 7, Alice is already making costumes that could easily go alongside the fabulous cosplay that happens at Comic Cons.

The story gets even more heartwarming when you take into account Mr. Oswalt's costume. That's right, his daughter requested that he dress as Raven's evil dad, the demon lord Trigon. His many-eyed gaze looks pretty evil, but you can tell by his daughter's face that she know's how cool her dad is.


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On the one hand, props to you sir for doing Halloween so well. On the other hand, curses -- now parents everywhere are going to have to up their costume game!

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