Patton Oswalt swears off DC Comics over survey encounter

While some readers had difficulties completing DC Comics' unprecedented survey about its line-wide relaunch, Patton Oswalt experienced his own problem in the flesh -- and he's not happy about. In fact, his encounter with an employee of Nielsen NRG at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles left the actor-comedian bidding farewell to DC.

"Don't go to @MeltdownComics today unless you like getting buttonholed into douch-ey, stultifying New 52 surveys," Oswalt wrote Wednesday on Twitter, saying that he was approached repeatedly by a "pushy" representative of the market research company, even after he said "no" and walked away.

Although the bulk of the reader survey is being conducted online, Nielsen is also going to a handful of direct-market stores nationwide for in-person interviews. Presumably most of those will go a little more ... smoothly.

"Nielsen? Read that DC had hired them. They sure did," tweeted Oswalt, who's written comics for Dark Horse and, yes, DC. "I also bought my last DC comics, EVER, today. [...] I thought the DC survey was online. Not today. They've got pushy Nielsen dick-scrapes in stores, bothering everyone."

He clarified, though, that he has no problem with Meltdown, one of his regular haunts: "Everyone -- @MeltdownComics is cool, they got fucked just like their customers. But DC Comics? 'Bye!"

The online portion of the reader survey continues through Oct. 7. The results are expected to be presented to retailers early next year at the ComicsPro Meeting and DC Summit.

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