Patrol the streets with style in these incredible superhero cars

Aside from the contents of Batman's subterranean garage, and Ghost Rider's motorcycle-turned-low-rider, superhero vehicles are pretty rare these days. However, there was a time -- let's call it "the 1970s" -- when every other costumed character seemed to have their own custom wheels, whether it was Superman's Supermobile, Spider-Man's Spider-Mobile or The Punisher's Battle Van ... mobile.

But if the work of WrapStyle Singpare is any indication, perhaps superhero cars are poised to make a high-priced comeback.

The "automobile styling company" has rolled out a series of photos of exotic cars -- from the Mercedes SLS AMG to the Lamborghini Aventador to the McLaren 650S -- transformed into superheroes with the help of some pretty impressive wrappings: Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk are all represented.

Presumably, though, only Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark would have the cash for these high-priced rides, so maybe this comeback will have to wait.

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(via autoevolution)

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