Patrick Warburton Would've Done Amazon's Tick Reboot


Spoon, Tick fans! Patrick Warburton -- star of the 2001 live-action series -- recently opened up about the original series' short-lived run on Fox (via The Vulture TV Podcast). According to the star, the network didn't care for, or even understand, the cult-classic's off-brand humor.

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"Over at Fox, they didn't get what we were doing. They were even asking questions like, do these people need to wear costumes? They let us shoot nine episodes, and then held us for a year, and buried us. We were initially supposed to be on Sunday night, we had a great time slot. They put us on Thursday nights against year two of Survivor. So, they really fed us to the dogs. They did not want to support the show. They didn't care that every critic seemed to like this show. It was too expensive, and they didn't know what it was."

For the uninitiated, The Tick is a mildly-deluded, less-than-conventional superhero (if you couldn't tell by the name) who fought crime with sidekick Arthur, aka The Moth, in comics, an animated series in the '90s, Warburton's 2001 show and most recently a new Amazon series. Warburton especially captured the off-beat, superhero-parodying nature that is The Tick.

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Ben Edlund -- creator of "The Tick" -- has been involved in all of its TV iterations. While Warburton didn't reprise his role for the newest iteration of "The Tick," he's an executive producer. Fortunately, Amazon proved to be a more understanding host than Fox.

"Yes, I like it. Ben wanted to do a darker version, " Warburton said  "And I think it's great. It's drier, straighter, more of an Adam West take. But, you know, it would've been fun to do it again. I actually would've liked to have done it, but Amazon had different ideas. They wanted to build it entirely new from the ground up, and so I'm 100 percent in support of that."

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Warburton -- who was on the podcast to talk about his current role as Lemony Snicket on Netflix's "A Series of Unfortunate Events" -- has no hard feelings about not stepping back into the blue antennas. "Supermans get replaced. Batmans get replaced. Even the Tick."

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