Patrick Warburton Teases Brock's Storyline in <i>Venture Bros.</i> Season 5

It's been just about two years since The Venture Bros. last aired on Adult Swim, and we've been desperate for more Team Venture. With the show slated to return next month with a Halloween special, we couldn't resist using a recent interview with Patrick Warburton (the voice of Brock Samson) to quiz him about the new material. Unfortunately he's not too in the know right now because, as he puts it, he's only gone in and read the scripts.

"Hopefully Brock will be more of a presence this time," he told Spinoff Online during a recent press day for the syndication of his sitcom Rules of Engagement, which will come to television stations near you starting Sept. 10. Warburton confirmed he has completed his voice work for next season, however, he doesn’t know what it will be about. "I'm not sure,” he said. “Something happens with S.P.H.I.N.X. Something happens. You like that? And I'm not holding back. That's all I know. I know something happens. I'm not sure what it is."

The last we heard, Season 5 was having its animation completed and series creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer still weren't letting any plot details about the upcoming seasons five and six slip. We're also hoping Brock has a bigger role to play this time around, but Warburton said he's just in the show for the fun of it.

"I love working with Chris McCulloch, or whatever he goes by. Jackson Publick. [He and Doc Hammer] have their weird, kooky names. Such geeks. But anyways, it's been fun working with them," he said. "I met [Publick] on The Tick years ago because he's a buddy of Ben Edlund's and they were partners in crime for a while. They worked on The Tick together."

Although Warburton has been involved with The Venture Bros. since its debut in 2003, it turns out that he's not the Venture Bros. expert in his family.

"It's funny, my son [Talon], who's in college, he's a Venture Bros. fan. Usually he'll explain to me what's going on," Warburton admitted. "I love watching it, but [laughs] sometimes I'm not exactly sure what some of the references are and what's going on. And it's all pop-culture stuff. At the same time, Talon knows more about what's going on on that show than I do."

Megyn Price, who plays Warburton's onscreen wife in Rules of Engagement, was also present during the interview and said both her niece and her close friend are massive Venture Bros. fans. Her niece even went as far as to beg Price to have Warburton sign a poster she got her hands on.

"My niece got some collector's edition poster, sent it to me insured for like a million dollars, asking him to sign it," Price said with a laugh. "It was like I had to take it to him with gloves like it was the Holy Grail. It was the best thing she's ever gotten in her whole life. She called me crying."

Turning to Warburton, she said with a smile, "See, you're loved."

The Venture Bros. Halloween special was announced at Adult Swim's upfront presentation in May, and, according to the official release, promises the Venture family will fill your "Halloween goody bag with fun-sized Truth." We're assuming this is the special that Publick and Hammer teased in March, although at the time they said it would debut over the summer.

Stay tuned to Spinoff Online for more on The Venture Bros. and for the rest of our Rules of Engagement coverage when it runs next week. And don't forget to check your local listings to find out when the show will start airing in your area starting Sept. 10!

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