Patricia Briggs' Alpha and Omega: Cry Wolf Volume 1 #11

This is, hands down, the worst comic book not bearing a "Titans" logo that I have read in my time as a reviewer here at Comic Book Resources. I enjoyed the Patricia Briggs' "Mercy Thompson" series that came out a little while back, but this is no "Mercy Thompson."

The story is both flimsy and scattered. I can appreciate the complexities of translating a property from one medium to another. I imagine this is more complex with the transition from novels to comics as the writer must compress hundreds of pages into dozens, but in this case the story just ends up disjointed and largely unreadable. The most interesting segment of the issue is the part focused on Walter Rice, the Vietnam vet who thwarts a werewolf attack.

The art, by Jordan Gunderson, is underdeveloped and overcolored, which comes across as just bad. Too many of the scenes are set as atmospheric shots, with small, indistinguishable figures in large, mostly empty spaces. This could (and should) have been played up for effect, but it wasn't and, thus, seems unnecessarily empty. When we do close in on the figures, the only distinguishing factors are in the colors, due to the fact that most of the males in this series have very similar builds and features. One scene is supposed to be a flashback/dream sequence of previous events, but it is so muddled and indiscernible that it offers nothing to the story. To be fair, I did seek out more work from Gunderson, and the pencils on his DeviantArt site are much cleaner and more dynamic than what wound up printed here. I'm hoping this is simply the signs of an adjustment to both script and story. Gunderson has some obvious skill and passion for storytelling, but needs to make better composition decisions and could use a little guidance in making it all come together.

I was pleased to see the Patricia Briggs' stories migrating over to Dynamite, as I thought it would result in better quality for the books. The previous Briggs series was plagued by artist changes and scuttled ship dates. To date, Dynamite has alleviated those problems. Now they just need to step up the content of this series. I expected more and came away woefully disappointed.

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