"Patient Zero" Writer Offers Online Clinics

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ORANGE, CA -- 8 JULY, 2004 -- John McLean-Foreman, writer of the Image Comics series PATIENT ZERO, is offering free online tutorials to aspiring writers, at his website: www.patientzerothecomic.com/forum. The tutorials are held every Wednesday at 3 p.m. EST.

McLean-Foreman is the creator and writer of PATIENT ZERO, and the lead writer for the videogame Black & White 2 for Lionhead Studios. His monthly "Development Diaries" articles about Black & White 2 can be read in multiple languages, in many countries throughout Europe and North America. John also teaches storytelling tutorials both live and online.

"I believe that in order to become the best writer you can be, you have to constantly study," says McLean-Foreman. "Given my work schedule, the last thing that I want to do after working a 12 hour day is sit down and dissect someone else's work. By doing the weekly tutorials, I have no choice but to study because I've made a commitment to my students."

"Really, apart from doing your own writing, there's no better way to learn than to teach. Besides, I would have killed to have a professional writer answer all my questions when I was starting out - it can be a very lonely and demoralizing when you think you're all alone."

PATIENT ZERO recently fared well in the British Comic Awards, placing in the top ten in three categories. McLean-Foreman finished eighth in the "Best New Talent" category, and PATIENT ZERO finished fourth in the "Best New Comic" category and third in the "Best Self-Published or Independent Comic" category.

Featuring art by Brent White, the book tells the story of a future society in which intelligent machines dominate the world, and one artificially evolved man's battle to stop this from happening before he goes mad. Alex Grant, AKA Patient Zero, must battle against his encroaching insanity and the artificial intelligence that is viciously conquering the human race one mind at a time.

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