Pat Lee's Widow Warriors

Story by
Art by
Pat Lee
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

A thousand years ago, the rugged frontier border of the great Chinese Empire was being attacked by a powerful enemy known as the Liao. A fiercely-patriotic clan of Chinese warriors - commanded by male members of one family -- the Yang -- heroically held their ground to the last man.

The widows of the men pleaded with the embattled Emperor to send reinforcements. But none came. Incensed, the women - a few hundred strong and many themselves seasoned warriors - set off on a mission of revenge.

But the enemy was formidable. Before soldiers even crossed swords, the Liao conjured up everything to throw at the Widow Warriors: deadly tornadoes, zombie fighters, fearsome beasts, treacherous spies and powerful sorcery.

Down to but a few dozen, facing overwhelming odds and battling the demons within themselves, the Widow Warriors arrived for the final showdown at the nearly impregnable enemy fortress at Black Wind Mountain.


• Issues 1 through 4 of the Widow Warriors mini-series by Pat Lee, Lloyd Chao, and based on the Screenplay "Twelve Heroines Go West" by Christine To Chi-Long

• A complete cover gallery featuring all of Pat Lee's covers

• Character sketches and designs by Pat Lee and more!

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