Pastor turned surfer turned cartoonist

My own local newspaper, The News Herald, brought to light an interesting hidden gem of a comics talent located in a nearby church. Rob Woodrum is head of Eastgate Fellowship Church, and also an avid surfer and comics artist. And he's talented!

Woodrum makes his living through art, and published a memoir graphic novel The Wanderer for Wonderwhat and Hope Amid Horror as well as the ongoing webcomic Rabbi Encounters, a modern fable based on the stories of Jesus.

“I have a very clear intention behind what it is I’m trying to do — clear to me,” Woodrum said in the article. “But I realize for some people it kind of becomes a source of contention. For me, I think it’s really important to keep it outside the expectations or the stereotypes we’ve come to associate with who the subject matter is about. If we can put this on a different stage and just change the props around but keep the story the same — it’s amazing how much more impact it can have, I think.”

To see more of Woodrum's work, surf over to his website.

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