Pasqual Ferry Developing Alice in Wonderland-Inspired Comic

Celebrated artist Pasqual Ferry plans to release a creator-owned series called "Alice," inspired by Lewis Caroll’s "Alice in Wonderland." Announced via comic book crowdfunding website Spaceman Project, Ferry has set a goal of 40,000 € (roughly $43680 US) in order to make his project a reality.

In addition to specializing in raising funds for comic book creators, Spaceman Project also manages editing and distribution of the printed work.

The Spain-based artist, whose work for the U.S. market these days focuses mainly on cover art, says, “For many years, I used to work on my own stories and I never managed to finish them. My work in the U.S. absorbed most of my time, all of my time really. Now, after a break in my American production, I’ve finally decided to finish one of those stories.”

Despite taking inspiration from the classic novel, Ferry's project is “not another version of Alice in Wonderland,” but that, “nevertheless it includes some of its characters and settings.”

“It’s the story of a family torn apart," Ferry explains. "And how, despite the hardest circumstances, they are reunited again. And so what brings them together, the glue that holds them close, is love.”

Indeed, Caroll’s Alice won’t be the main character. Instead, the graphic novel will feature a different girl, also named Alice, whose mother Anna uses the novel as a way to communicate and connect with her daughter. The characters from Caroll’s novel, “all appear in Alice’s dreams, not in reality,” Ferry explains.

Should the project be funded, it is expected to be released in March 2018.

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