Partnerships Get Tested in a Big Way on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow"

SPOILER WARNING: Major spoilers from "Marooned," tonight's episode of "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," follow. At publication, the episode has yet to air on the west coast.

Last time on "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," the tension between literal partners in crime Captain Cold and Heat Wave came to a head while the team was stuck in 2046. Where Heat wanted to spend his time in Star City ruling the gang he had taken over, Cold wanted to stay focused on the mission at hand. The latter eventually got his way after it became clear that the gang -- in cahoots with Deathstroke -- was a threat to the rest of the team, but Heat certainly wasn't happy about having to leave this alternate timeline and hedonistic leadership position behind.

Things escalate even further tonight on "Marooned," and that's after the two rogues had already come to blows last week. Upon getting captured by a rival band of Space Pirates, Heat Wave offers to negotiate with them. At first, it seems like a classic bait-and-switch -- one of the more questionable good guys pretends to shift allegiances to the baddies, then rejoins his comrades at the last second to save the day.

Only with Heat, that shift never happens. He really does sell out his teammates to the Pirates, going as far to assist them in taking over the Waverider (they fail). His assault on White Canary -- which could have been fatal to her, had the other Legends not intervened -- proves that he's never fully committed to Rip Hunter's mission, something everyone sadly becomes aware of in the episode's final moments. Even worse, they know they can't drop him back off in 2016, as he'd likely try to harm many of their family members.

As an alternate solution, Captain Cold merely states "I'll take care of it," and brings Heat Wave to the woods in the middle of nowhere. Although the conclusion is filmed to make us think he fatally shoots Heat Wave, the camera doesn't show us exactly what Captain Cold is firing at, leading us to believe that he possibly let his former best friend live. We'll have to wait until next week (or possibly longer) to find out for sure. In the meantime, stay tuned for our full recap and review of the episode later tonight.

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