'Parks and Recreation' Journeys to the Future in Trailer For Final Season

Parks and Recreation viewers were stunned last spring when the show's Season 6 finale took an unexpected turn and -- spoiler alert -- jumped ahead three year. With the beloved NBC comedy ready to return for its seventh and final season, Leslie Knope and company will not be looking back.

The first trailer for the forward-facing season finds the gang firmly in the far-off year of 2017, where drones deliver packages, all tablets are clear and Andy Dwyer gets to be on television. Or perhaps his show only screens on clear tablets -- who knows what will happen in 2017?

The show returns for its final season on Tuesday, Jan. 13. In addition to moving out of the Thursday night home it's lived in for the past six seasons, the final13 episodes of Parks & Rec will air in hour-long chunks billed as a "seven-week comedy event." The series finale will follow The Voice on Tuesday, Feb. 24.

The cast and crew of Parks & Rec wrapped production last week; series co-creator Michael Schur posted a bunch of shots from the last day of filming on his Twitter feed. If that news has you down, we offer this video as solace, catharsis, or a mix of both. Here's Chris Pratt (with Nick Offerman on guitar) serenading his Parks family at the wrap party with his character Andy's ode to the dearly departed Lil' Sebastian.

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