Parker Divorce Rumors Unfounded According To Byrne

When Marvel Comics announced that they were going to be restarting Spider-Man's books and returning the characters back to "basics," what that actually entailed was cause for a great deal of speculation.

While it was the rare fan who guessed one of the ideas the House of Ideas had up their collective sleeves - Peter Parker's Aunt May returning from the dead, her dramatic death just a trick by the Green Goblin - more than a few figured Marvel's plans including busting up the marriage of Peter and Mary Jane Parker.

Not so, says John Byrne, one of the creators directing the Spider-Man revival.

"Mary Jane will be a constant in the book," Byrne said. "I think the only thing worse than a married super-hero is a divorced super-hero."

Not only will the Parkers remain married, Mary Jane will be embracing her modeling career, an aspect of her character that has been placed on the back burner in the recent past.

"She's got this multimillion-dollar career that is going to have her basically be on the road a lot," Byrne told the Detroit News Comic Book Continuum (http://www.detnews.com/comicbooks/). "We're going to turn her back into what she was before they got married. She's the one who comes back and messes up his life periodically."

And in keeping with the return to basics, even a straightforward romantic situation has its wrinkles. In this case, it's Jill Stacy, the cousin of Peter's first great love, the late Gwen Stacy.

"Little Jill Stacy's kind of going, 'Let me take care of you, Peter.' And Peter's going, 'I'm OK, I'm married, I'm cool. [But] Mary Jane's been gone for six months.'

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