Paris Is Center For Horror, Murder In <i>I'll Kill You</i>

Think that Paris is a city of love, surreally beautiful and stylish people and heartbreak? Well, it is, but it's so much more... Something that Joe Dante and the other directors behind Paris, I'll Kill You want to share.

Paris, I'll Kill You is a newly-announced horror anthology movie aping the format and setting of the 2006 romantic anthology Paris, Je T'aime (Itself a surprisingly good movie, by the way), with Gremlins' Dante, Splice's Vincenzo Natali and Hitman's Xavier Gens amongst the directors contributing segments. According to the Hollywood Reporter, this may be just the first in a series of city-centric horror anthologies, depending on its success - Again, following the Paris, Je T'aime model, which has already spun off New York, I Love You. Anyone up for San Francisco, All That Fog Has To Mean Something?

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