Paris attacks | Iranian cartoonist arrested after posting Paris cartoon

Legal | Iranian cartoonist Hadi Heidari was arrested Monday in the Teheran newspaper office where he works, a day after posting a cartoon on Instagram showing a weeping face with the Eiffel tower for a nose. According to Heidari's co-workers, "a young man came with a warrant. He showed Hadi the warrant and they took him quietly." They speculated that he was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards Intelligence Organization.

Heidari has been arrested and detained several times, most recently in September 2012, when one of his cartoons drew strong negative attention from a group of 150 Iranian parliament members, state officials and clerics. The Iranian government banned the newspaper that carried it, Shargh Newspaper, and arrested Heidari and the newspaper's manager, Mehdi Rahmanian. (Rahmanian was sent to Evin Prison, the same prison where cartoonist Atena Farghadani chronicled her mistreatment earlier this year.) Heidari and the newspaper were acquitted in December 2012, and the ban on the newspaper was lifted.

Heidari's arrest comes in the midst of what seems to be a crackdown on journalists, as the Revolutionary Guards have confirmed the arrests of a number of reporters and editors in recent weeks. [International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran]

Political cartoons | Jean Jullien's simple drawing that fused the Eiffel Tower with a peace symbol went viral after the attacks on Friday; the design magazine De Zeen has a bit of background. [De Zeen]

Creators | Joann Sfar's cartoon asking people not to pray for Paris, bearing the hashtag #parisisaboutlife, also drew a lot of attention after he posted it on Instagram. Michael Dooley takes a look at Sfar's work and translates the text of his other Instagram posts. [Print]

Political cartoons | Reed Beebe rounded up some cartoonists' responses to the attacks on Paris, focusing on those that use images of the Eiffel Tower. [Nothing But Comics]

Political cartoons | Here's another cartoon roundup, with a much broader range of imagery. [Metro]

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