'Paranormal Activity' Sequel and Spinoff Get Release Dates

Paramount Pictures has plans to haunt your dreams not once, but twice next year. The studio that picked up Oren Peli's indie found-footage horror film Paranormal Activity in 2009 has parlayed its success into a low-budget franchise that's made roughly $720 million worldwide.

Deadline reports the studio not only has Paranormal Activity 5 planned for a Oct. 24, 2014 release, but it also announced an official title and new release date for the Latin market-oriented spinoff. Now called Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones, the film was originally scheduled to hit this October, but has been pushed back to Jan. 3, 2014.

Christopher Landon, who wrote the second through fourth installments of the main series, is directing this feature which supposedly features the same demon from the main series tormenting mainly Latino characters as a way to appeal even more to that segment of the audience which has been very supportive of the franchise.

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