<i>Paranormal Activity</i> Franchise to Add Fourth Entry This Year

The real surprise of Paranormal Activity, the found-footage haunted house franchise, isn't that there will be a fourth film in 2012 from Paramount Pictures, but that the 2007 movie written and directed by Oren Peli for $15,000 spawned a franchise in the first place.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, it was an easy decision for the studio to move ahead with a follow-up to last year's third installment, the highest-grossing film in the series to date with $202.2 million worldwide (it cost just $5 million to produce).

No details have been revealed, so we have no idea when it will come out, who will star, who's directing or even whether the story will continue to follow the stories of sisters Katie and Kristi or other family members. The field is pretty wide open; they could keep jumping back in time or possibly move forward. A haunted house movie set in the far future would be pretty interesting, wouldn't it?

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