Paramount TV President Amy Powell Fired Over Racist Remarks

Paramount Television President Amy Powell was fired today following complaints about her workplace conduct.

Paramount CEO Jim Gianopulos announced the news via a memo circulated throughout the company. The memo cited numerous instances of concerning comments from Powell, including racially-charged remarks. The memo makes it clear that complaints about Powell’s conduct came from “multiple individuals.”

"Having spent the past several days conducting a thorough investigation into this matter and speaking to those who were present, our Human Resources and Legal teams came to the same conclusion, and we have made the decision to terminate Amy's employment, effective immediately," Gianopulos said.

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Powell was brought on to head Paramount Television back in 2013. Since then, she has become known for delivering massively successful shows like Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why and The Alienist on TNT. She was also instrumental in bringing George Clooney onto Hulu's Catch-22.

Powell’s firing is hardly the first example of a television executive let go because of racially-insensitive comments. Netflix’s Chief of Public Relations, Jonathan Friedland, was fired from the company last month for his use of the n-word.

The Hollywood Reporter Editorial Director Matthew Belloni followed up on the announcement by confirming that Powell’s firing was not related to use of the n-word, but rather other racially-charged remarks.

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