Paramount to Create Mobile Comics Based on Films

Variety reported this week news that Paramount Pictures will produce a number of "mobile comics" based on the studio's movie properties including "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging," "Eagle Eye" and "Mission: Impossible." Created by Paramount Digital Entertainment and Singapore-based Omnitoons, the "Manga-styled" comics will be available in single panels, four screens per strip, and 20 screen per story episodes.

Pradeep Mitter, PDE's VP of mobile entertainment told Variety, "By adapting movies to the mobile comics format, we believe fans will be able to extend their entertainment experience at their own pace, with the privacy of their phone."

Paramount's mobile comics are currently available in MMS and J2ME formats in the United States, Australia, Europe and India, and will be made available by download through key carriers worldwide.

Variety reports that Paramount views the mobile comics as "marketing support for movies at or before time of [international] theatrical release, though carriers will treat them as premium content and charge phone users for downloads."

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