Paramount Signs Up For A Time-Traveling <i>Field Trip</i>

If there're two genres that belong together, it's time travel and comedy; think Back To The Future, Bill & Ted or, more recently, Hot Tub Time Machine. No surprise, then, that Paramount and producer Ivan Reitman have teamed up to sign onto a new Field Trip.

Details about the new project are scarce, but the Hollywood Reporter sums up what little is known:

The logline is being kept hidden in a locker, but the story is known to involve time travel, a high school teacher and his students.

The pitch, from Jordan Cahan (writer of Dane Cook's My Best Friend's Girl, which admittedly doesn't bode well), has been purchased by Montecito, the production company of Ghostbusters' director Reitman; if this means that we can get Bill Murray playing the teacher, I'm ready to sign up right now.

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