Paramount Prepares For <i>Serial Killer Days</i>

Serial killers aren't exactly the most celebrated members of modern day society, but that's not quite the case in Serial Killer Days, a 1996 novel penned by author David Prill. In his book, a town celebrates the annual arrival of a killer by throwing a great parade and pageant — something that might not go down all that often in real life, but it's about to occur on the big screen.

The Hollywood Reporter recounts director Mark Carter's attempts to adapt Serial Killer Days for film, and after securing the movie rights from Prill and teaming up with Up in the Air producer Dan Dubiecki, Carter's wishes are finally on the cusp of realization: Paramount has tasked the filmmaker with writing a new draft of Serial Killer Days with an eye to direct the picture.

“I hope to deliver the expected genre conventions but do it in an idiosyncratic, richly layered and unexpected world,” Carter said of the project. “There will also be lots of blood.”

Carter isn't the only filmmaker who has attempted to adapt Serial Killer Days, as Jason Reitman was attached to the project almost exactly two years ago.

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