Paramount Boosts Animated Slate With Mystery J.J. Abrams Project

With DreamWorks looking around for another studio to partner with, Paramount Pictures is trying different avenues to bolster its slate animation projects. According to Variety, that plan includes using on-lot talent like J.J. Abrams as writers and producers, even if they have no experience in the medium. Of course, as with Abrams' involvement in anything, there are absolutely no other details.

The secrecy doesn't just come from the famously cautious Star Trek 2 director, but from the studio itself as the amount of time it takes to make an animated feature can give other studios an opportunity to swoop in and piggyback on an idea.

Paramount will be looking to Nickelodeon for other film projects, including the in-the-works SpongeBob SquarePants Movie 2. The studio also has a film in the works called New Kid about a lone human in a school of aliens, created by the Penny Arcade guys.

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