Paramount Acquiring Aronofsky's <i>Unforgiven</i>-Like Washington Biopic

While the wheels continue to turn in the early stages of Darren Aronofsky's Noah, Variety reports that Paramount Pictures and already looking to set up another project for the Black Swan director as part of its first-look deal with his Protozoa Pictures banner.

Titled The General, the script by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage is said to take a somewhat unorthodox approach to the life of George Washington, forsaking a traditional historical drama in favor of an Unforgiven-style story. Aronofsky will produce and direct.

As we discovered Wednesday, the Biblical epic Noah now has a March 28, 2014, release date. Aronofksy has been eyeing another biopic, this one focusing on Judy Garland called Get Happy, but has yet to set his schedule.

These things have a tendency to change, however, so don't be surprised if the studios want to move along with other directors in the two years it will take to get Noah in theaters.

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