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[Paradigm]ORANGE, CA -- 30 May, 2002 -- Fans eager for more of Matthew Cashel andJeremy Haun's PARADIGM following the disturbingly surreal first issue of theall-new series will be pleased to know that there IS a second issue on theway...but they'll have to wait until after the series relaunches thisSeptember at Image Comics.

Originally published by Cashel and Haun's Two Irish Guys Press, PARADIGM isthe tale of twenty-something Christopher Howells, an average guy, completelycomfortable with the life he shares with his girlfriend of two years, untila chance encounter on the way home from the movies changes everything. Inthat moment, a revolution that challenges the norms of society begins, andsuddenly Christopher finds himself drawn into a tangled web of conspiracy,betrayal, and fantasy.

Characterized by its creators as a "historical retelling of the future,"PARADIGM is set to expose a world within worlds and open a gateway to theultimate pop-culture mismatch. It's a serialized adventure that attempts tomake sense of the world we choose to ignore, but what's more, it's anintensely personal epic charting the rise and fall of mankind's finalgeneration.

Taking advantage of the move to Image, Cashel and Haun have opted tocompletely "remaster" PARADIGM #1, expanding its story content from 34 to 42pages. The first issue is also being relettered and will have an all-newwraparound cover to make it easily distinguishable from the originalversion.

And why make the switch to Image in the first place? According to thecreators, it was all about the freedom the move afforded them in terms ofputting the book out on time and in a quality manner under a quality banner.

"The Image 'i' demands that we do our best work and do so in a timelymanner," explained Cashel. "It's all about getting the story out there to asmany people as possible, and we can't imagine a better home than Imagecomics.

"Image to me was always an ideal. Something new, where the restraints havebeen thrown to the wayside, creative passions unleashed. Image is and alwayshas been exciting -- artists looking out for artists, creators creating --but most of all, Image is a company about 'the love of comics,' and that'ssomething I'm proud to be associated with."

"The opportunity to tell our stories the way we'd like has always beenimportant to Matt and I," added Haun. "Image has allowed us to doexactly that. What's more, the people at Image are passionate about comics,and we're happy to be part of a company like that."

Available for order in the July issue of Diamond Previews, PARADIGM #1 is a48-page black and white comic priced at $3.50.

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