'Para' launches this March from Penny Farthing Press

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PARA: When Worlds Collide

THE X-FILES meets A BEAUTIFUL MIND in PARA, an all-new, high-tech thrillercoming from Penny-Farthing Press in March 2004. Acclaimed writer StuartMoore (LONE, ZENDRA, GIANT ROBOT WARRIORS) and hot new artist PabloVillalobos have crafted an audacious six-issue series mixing paranormalphenomena, science gone wild, and one woman's search for the truth about herfather.

Deep beneath the heart of Texas it lies: the Supercollider. Twenty-eightmiles of magnets and circuitry, it promised to accelerate particles fasterthan ever before -- and, so, reveal the secrets of the Universe. But ahorrific disaster in the early Œ80s left it highly radioactive, killingeveryone including the project's head scientist, Dr. William Erie.

Or so the story went. But Sara Erie, the doctor's daughter, doesn't believeit. And now, twenty years later, the Supercollider has finally cooled offenough for a team to descend into its bowels and investigate.

Sara's determined to be on that team. But she's not prepared for what theyfind down there: no bodies -- just abandoned radiation badges. Shadowy,inhuman figures that move very fast, keeping just out of sight in thedarkened tunnels. Frogs frozen in an amber-like substance. And one word,scrawled repeatedly on the walls in blood:


What does it mean? The answer may spell the key to the Universe's beginnings-- or its end.

"This is a story that's very close to my heart," says writer Stuart Moore."My father was a nuclear physicist, and I've always been fascinated withquantum physics. Once you get down to subatomic sizes, everything we takefor granted about life and matter goes straight out the window. It's onesmall step from there to the supernatural."

But although the story is meticulously researched, readers shouldn't worrythat it will require a Ph.D to read. "I don't understand this stuff anywherenear well enough for that," Moore laughs.

Moore's action-packed, thought-provoking script is complemented by thehaunting, evocative visuals of Pablo Villalobos, who has worked on smallerPenny-Farthing Press projects in the past and has earned the appreciation ofPFP Publisher Ken White.

"Pablo is a phenomenal talent and he brings a good attitude to the book,"White explained. "His art is the perfect look for Stuart's scripting, and wecouldn't be happier with the match."

In addition, the creative team also includes inker Mostafa Moussa (REXMUNDI, VIOLENT MESSIAHS), colorist Mike Garcia (BATMAN, GEN13), letteristRichard Starkings (THE VICTORIAN), and cover artist and concept illustratorStephan Martiniére (RED PLANET, TIME MACHINE).

PARA promises twists, action, and savage character conflict. "The alliancesamong the team keep shifting," Moore says. "You never know whose side someof them are on -- particularly Doctor Z, the enigmatic, eccentric UFOexpert."

And just to make things extra spooky: The Supercollider really exists. "Ichanged its size and moved it for plot purposes," Moore admits. "But it'sdown there in Texas, half-finished. Who knows what's creeping around in allthose miles of abandoned tunnels?"

In March, we'll all find out together.

Penny-Farthing Press publishes The Victorian, Decoy, Captain Gravity, PARA,Zendra, and, The Loch, the first hardcover book in its Mythics children'simprint. The company is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

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