Papercutz signs first-look deal with Nick, revives 'Nickelodeon Magazine'

Papercutz has inked a deal with Nickelodeon that gives the children's graphic novel publisher the first option to adapt the cable channel's new properties.

BOOM! Studios entered into a similar first-look agreement last year with Cartoon Network.

As part of the deal, Papercutz to publish a new version of Nickelodeon Magazine, which ceased publication in December 2009.  Set to launch in late June, the revived magazine will feature a mix of comics previews, new property debuts, and games, puzzles and other activities for young readers.

The first two Nickelodeon properties to make the move to comics under the partnership are Sanjay and Craig, a comedy adventure about an excitable 12-year-old boy and his talking pet snake, and Breadwinners, which follows SwaySway and Buhdeuce, two carefree ducks who fly around in a rocket van, delivering bread.

Sanjay and Craig will makes its graphic novel debut in September, followed the next month by Breadwinners.

"Our partners at Nickelodeon have created some terrific characters that really reach out to kids,” Papercutz Editor-in-Chief Jim Salicrup said in a statement. “And we can’t wait to translate that magic into the graphic novel format. Of course, the best part of this deal is getting to see what they’re working on next! SANJAY AND CRAIG and BREADWINNERS are just the start of a really exciting publishing program that’s sure to keep kids thoroughly entertained and clamoring for more!”

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