Paolo Parente's Dust Wars TPB, Vol. #1

Twistory Studios is proud to present the entire five issue collection of both sold out mini-series DUST and DUST WARS based on PAOLO PARENTE'S DUST universe of miniature games, toys and models. Be sure to pick up the action packed adventure, Joe's US Special Forces Ranger Team #1 and their fearless efforts along side Koshka's Russian Special Forces team to foil Sigrid's ongoing Axis plots to build the ultimate Walking Robot Army to destroy the world! Included in this collection is a bonus pin-up girl gallery of all Paolo's DUST DAMES as well as many pages of new war machine designs, soldiers, models, toys and historical art from the DUST universe. Get it while it lasts! Fight strong!

Collects DUST #1-2 and DUST WARS #1-3

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