Pantha vol. 1 TP: The Goddess and the Dangerous Game

Story by
Art by
Pow Rodrix
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

Leaping and roaring into the comic world from her debut in the pages of VAMPIRELLA, the mysterious crimefighter called PANTHA has endured since the 1960s. This feline femme fatale has remained relatively obscure over the years, but she always returns to give horror-action fans something scary (and a little sexy) to sink their fangs into. This new story presents Pantha as the last living avatar of the Egyptian goddess Sekhmet. Commanded by Ra to walk the earth for all eternity as atonement for Sekhmet's transgressions in life, Pantha seeks out evil in all its guises. With the power to transform from a beautiful woman into a feral panther, this is one super-heroine who is much more than just a pretty face. Reluctantly joining forces with a sorcerer, a demon, a vampire, and a sarcastic medium whose body is covered with chattering mouths, Pantha wages war against a mind-bending array of villains. If you can find another comic series that offers villainy in the forms of a snake-woman, the body stealing Whore of Babylon, a reincarnated Egyptian god, hybrid bat-people, public domain bloodsuckers, and the weird souls who lurk inside an ancient amulet...well, you should let us know, so we can contact our attorneys. Writer Brandon Jerwa and artist Pow Rodrix clearly enjoy playing with these characters, delivering a pulpy, Roger Corman-esque adventure that brings all the necessary action, intrigue, and characterization that comic readers crave...without forgetting that comics can be fun sometimes, too.


• The complete 4-issue mini-series by Scott Beatty and Ron Adrian

• All of the fully painted covers by Alex Ross

• Sketches and character designs by Alex Ross

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