Pander Bros. Go Digital March 1

Official Press Release

This year the Pander Bros. launch a selection of their most acclaimed comics and graphic novels on their new self-publishing venture, Pander Bros. Comics, powered by the new digital comics platform, GRAPHICLY  On March 1st, PanderBrosComics.Com will release a number of rare and out-of-print comics and graphic novels from the prolific sibling duo, with digitally remastered artwork and other "Transmedia" features on associated websites and social networks, starting with the iconoclastic pop-manga adventure, TASTY BULLET. Arnold Pander illustrated and co- authored the story in collaboration with conspiracy theory historian, Jonathan Vankin; Also the Pander Bros. the newly colored pirate radio comic and re-worked Electronica soundtrack, SECRET BROADCAST; and the newly colored, revisionist pulp-western, JACK ZERO: "Cracker Jack Shot" co-authored by performance artist/comedian ZEROBOY, will follow in the coming months.

The first chapter of the six-issue digital comic series, TASTY BULLET premieres March 1st on www.panderbroscomics.com

Known for their cutting edge comics, the Pander Bros. highly stylized artwork and multi-media storytelling helped set the stage for the indie comics revolution of the 90's, with GRENDEL: Devil's Legacy, Exquisite Corpse, and Triple X; and into 21st century with Secret Broadcast, Accelerate, Batman: City of Light and the pop-manga media-bending TASTY BULLET, created in collaboration with conspiracy theory historian, Jon Vankin.

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