Pander Bros' "Accelerate" Series Collected Definitive Edition!

Official Press Release

Berkeley, CA - At the birth of the the new millennium, multi-media mavericks The Pander Brothers combined forces with the best-selling author Richard Kadrey, to create a future unlike any other. This coming October it finally returns, thanks to Image Comics' Shadowline in a definitive collection featuring an all new cover and never before seen interiors.

"When the 21st century kicked in, we wanted to do a project that suited the state of mind as we entered into a millennium full of endless possibilities." say the Pander Brothers. "Accelerate is a collaboration with cyber novelist Richard Kadrey whose vision of a futuristic Los Angeles captured our imagination and we created a technocratic art style for this fast paced futurist vision."

Kadrey, who just recently released his long awaited Butcher Boy, took his past history as one of the forefathers of the cyberpunk movement and combined it with the Pander Brothers' unique sensibilities to create the original miniseries. The end mix is a comic book cocktail of futurism, hiphop and and alternate dimensions. Since then magazines such as Details, Spin, Paper and Wired have spotlighted their work, including their upcoming feature film SELFLESS, making the timing of this new collection perfect.

The Pander Brothers add, "For this new collection we've created a number of double page images to further illuminate the over-the-top world that the characters in Accelerate inhabit. We hope you enjoy the ride."

Accelerate (AUG071991), a black and white $12.99 tradepaperback, arrives on stands October 31st.

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