Palisades To Create Exclusive Diorama Statues For Dynamic Forces.

Official Press Release

May 26, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Two of the industries premiere collectibles companies – Palisades and Dynamic Forces, Inc. -- announced a new exclusive product, produced in conjunction with Palisades' G.I.Joe License.

The product featured in this venture, will present the two ninja's – Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow – locked in battle as two separate Diorama Statues. The pieces, which will be sold separately, will feature adjoining bases and stand approximately 6" tall. Retail price will be determined in the coming weeks.

"Palisades and DF, in a lot of ways, grew up together, and did a lot of work together in the early years," said DF President, Nick Barrucci. "It's great to be working with both Mike's again on this one [referring to Mike Horn, and Mike Renegar of Palisades]. And, fingers crossed, we'll be bringing a master sculptor to this project to add to the team-up and make it a triple threat!"

"Dynamic Forces and Palisades struggled together to find their way in the early days," said Palisades President and CEO Michael Horn, "And now it's like we've come full circle – here we are, both thriving, and we have an opportunity to work together again, on a high profile, exciting project like this… I couldn't be happier."

Look for more information and images in the coming weeks!

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