Palicki & Blood Bid A Tearful Farewell to "Marvel's Agents of SHIELD"

"Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." said goodbye to Bobbi Morse and Lance Hunter in the Marvel Television series' latest episode, but the duo aren't gone from your television screen for good.

In"Parting Shot," the two spies found themselves captured on Russian soil when a mission to save the Prime Minister from a rogue Inhuman went south. Neither spy wavered during their interrogation, opting instead to take a bullet for the team, accepting their fate in order to keep S.H.I.E.L.D.'s existence a secret.

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The once-married agents were ultimately exonerated and released, but as a result of their sacrifice, they can no longer work for S.H.I.E.L.D. In the episode's final, emotional scene, the pair's former teammates raised their glasses from the shadows of a bar, toasting their friends one last time.

Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood spoke with CBR about Bobbi and Lance's departure, filming that touching final scene and their spinoff "Marvel's Most Wanted."

CBR News: "Parting Shot" featured the exit of Bobbi and Lance from the cast of "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." What were your reactions when you read the script?

Adrianne Palicki: Excitement. Not excitement at, "Oh, we're leaving!" Excitement in the sense of the way it all comes to fruition. It's humbling and kind of like a hero's exit. With the flashbacks and the flashforwards, you really get to know these characters a little bit better.

Nick Blood: There was a lot of excitement already, because we had been given hints about what was happening. They were very generous in what they gave us with that type of exit. I loved how it was framed in between these interrogations. You see them in a position of vulnerability. The stakes are very high, and you get to see them react to that.

What are you hoping the show's fans took away from this episode?

Blood: I think it's another exciting episode. It's always good when the stakes are high in a show like this. Hopefully, they appreciate seeing everything these characters have gotten to do, and gone through, and enjoyed the last hurrah as well.

Palicki: And, hopefully, they will be seeing us again.

The "spy's goodbye" was a bit of a tearjerker of a scene. How thrilled were you with such a touching farewell?

Palicki: First of all, I cried when I read it. It was brilliant. It was one of those things that didn't have to be acted. Being on a show like that, being part of a family -- The entire crew was crying during that scene. It was highly emotional. Looking around the room and seeing everybody, those are the moments you really don't have to act out. Then, looking over and seeing Henry tearing-up killed me.

Blood: Obviously, with the way the story goes, there isn't a foreseeable way they could have a send-off with the team. The way they worked it into the script and gave this silent goodbye was perfect. It's a hard thing to do, these goodbyes. In that situation, they were never going to get a normal opportunity to hug and shake hands. It was well executed and just gave us all a lovely moment with each character. They were very generous giving us that window and respectful send-off.

Of course, the episode laid the groundwork for the "Marvel's Most Wanted" spinoff starring Bobbi and Lance. How will the series expand and explore these two characters?

Palicki: It's the two of them. They have each other, and that's definitely a good way to do it. You get to see how they met and where they came from. It's great, because you get to fall in love with them a little bit, too, in the way they fell in love with each other. It's a new version of the two.

Finally, with "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s" close ties to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and "Captain America: Civil War" on the horizon, would you be Team Cap or Team Iron Man?

Palicki: I see both sides, but I think I'm going to have to go with Iron Man.

Blood: I'm Team Captain Iron Man.

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