"Palbot's" Jinsoo Terry to appear at Anime Expo '08

Official Press Release

The innovatory Palbot "Come to America" comic series written and created by Jinsoo Terry, the hottest, pioneering creator of leadership training in the U.S., will be joining the line up of Anime Expo(R) 2008 exhibitors on July 3-6, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. As the first comic series to teach multi-cultural education, the imaginative graphic novel will also launch along with an online animated series produced by Smorgasbord Productions and a toy line. Terry will be joining Austin Sueke of eigoMANGA at Booth #424 in the premium section. Palbot producer Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy, (Smorgasbord Productions CEO) and his team Smorgasbord Productions/Level 27 will also be exhibiting Palbot animation at Booth #325.

Terry says, "I am excited to participate in the Anime Expo this year. The Palbot comic series is something near and dear to my heart. As a Korean-American I had many challenges learning English and American culture and comic books and cartoon animations really helped me. I decided to develop a comic book series because it is a simple, entertaining, and educational way to communicate, while teaching cultural differences to any person in any country."The Palbot comic series "Come to America" follows the adventures of Mr. Kim, a Korean business man, and his guide Palbot (a protocol and language robot). As the two head to America, Palbot guides Mr. Kim step-by-step on proper business etiquette in corporate America. The underlying themes revolve around understanding American etiquette and language. The Palbot comic series will be released to retail starting in November 1, 2008.

Palbot will soon be featured in a toy line suited for kids and adults of all ages. The model was created by House That Xavier Built (HTXB). The prototype of the Palbot toy will be on display at the Anime Expo and is expected to hit shelves November 3, 2008. The Palbot toy was created by Ryon Xavier Smith (toy designer, sculptor, comic book creator and animation creator). For more information on Jinsoo Terry, please visit: HYPERLINK "http://www.jinsooterry.com" www.jinsooterry.com. More information on the Anime Expo 2008 can be found on the website HYPERLINK "http://www.anime-expo.org/" www.anime-expo.org.

About Jinsoo Terry

Jinsoo Terry is one of the hottest, innovative creators of leadership training in the U.S. With a unique and entertaining presentation style called the "Jinsoo Terry Experience," her highly-energetic and educational practice inspires individuals to take action and reach for goals- namely, becoming global leaders in both one's business and personal life. Through Jinsoo's unique motivational seminars, keynote speeches, and inventive workshops, clients discover new techniques in business and personal communication, and learn to get their point across efficiently and effectively. She has doubled, sometimes tripled, the growth of companies and organizations she has worked with through her innovative techniques for F.U.N. (Be Fun, Value Uniqueness and Nurture Employees) Management.

About eigoMANGA

eigoMANGA is a comic book publishing studio company that produces original Japanese-influenced comics as well as develop business and marketing projects geared towards the anime industry.


About Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy

Creator, Writer, Director, SB Artist and Designer Kolodny-Nagy is the creative director of Smorgasbord Productions, an independent animation studio. Currently Kolodny-Nagy is creating animated commercials for both the Pontiac and Coca-Cola billboards in Times Square, NY. He recently completed "Teapot," an animated short for Nickelodeon and has a slew of other shows he plans to launch on TV in the near future- including the audacious new series "Supa Pirate Booty Hunt." Current projects include bringing Jinsoo Terry's comic book series "Palbot" to animation to teach cultural understanding across nations.

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