'Pakkins Land' Volume 4 Now Available

Official Press Release

SALINAS, CA ­ Pakkins' Land: Tavitah is the newest volume of the critically acclaimed and several time award-nominated, all-ages comic book series, Pakkins' Land, by creator/writer/illustrator Gary Shipman. Marking the fourth volume in the series, this brand new action-packed adventure is now available in bookstores nationwide for $16.95, or via the internet at: www.PakkinsLand.com.

In Pakkins' Land: Tavitah, Paul and his extraordinary company of talking animals, including Gus, the brave lion-like creature; and Mr. Brambles, a large but friendly bear; gear up for more action as they continue to make their way through the strange realm of the east. After the heroic rescue of the lost king Aryah of Pakkins' Land, the team of fearless explorers believes that they will leave the dark Eastern Lands and are now headed for home. Even as they embark on another adventure to stop the evil Rasha from destroying Pakkins' Land and its inhabitants, our group of heroes encounter a mysterious young girl, Tavitah.

Pakkins' Land creator & illustrator Gary Shipman comments: "I am excited at the release of Pakkins' Land: Tavitah, as it adds a whole new chapter to the Pakkins' Land saga."

Pakkins' Land is the adventuresome and engaging tale of Paul, a young boy who finds himself in a magical world, filled with talking animals, mystery and excitement. The Pakkins' Land series, has been heralded for excellence by both critics and peers alike, accumulating an international following and numerous award nominations including past Russ Manning, Harvey, and Eisner Awards.

Appealing to fans who enjoy the works of C.S. Lewis, L. Frank Baum and J.R.R. Tolkien alike, Pakkins' Land: Tavitah is 128 black & white inside pages with a full-color cover, including the artist's sketchbook.Pakkins Presents - $16.95 (S.R.P) - ISBN: 0-9700241-4-2

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