Painkiller Jane Vs. Terminator Vol. 1: Time To Kill

Story by
Art by
Nigel Raynor
Colors by
Inlight Studio
Cover by
Dynamite Entertainment

The modern and future worlds merge into one action-fueled tale as Dynamite presents the Painkiller Jane/Terminator cross-over event!

Collected here for the very first time, all four issues (PAINKILLER JANE VOL.2 #4&5, TERMINATOR #6&7) by writer Jimmy Palmiotti and Nigel Raynor are included, featuring a story that spans from the modern New York of Painkiller Jane to the nuclear ravaged future of the Terminator films.

Has the normally indestructible Jane finally met her match in the form of a female T-800 that has arrived on a mission of utter death and destruction? Find out within! Also includes a complete cover gallery by Raynor and Alecia Rodriguez.

"Throughout the story Raynor choreographs these characters in a flow of panels. He harmonizes his art with Palmiotti's streamlined storycraft. Palmiotti sets Painkiller Jane's present against the possible future of the Terminators. The two different time zones never clash. Instead, they fluidly merge for one big action-fueled tale"

-- Comics Bulletin

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