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[3 Days]This November, Oni Press is taking a holiday across the Atlantic and you're all invited! No, there's no need to dust off your luggage or start packing an overnight bag. Oni's THREE DAYS IN EUROPE isn't a whirlwind tour of the continent; it's a new five-issue miniseries starring two New York City lovers whose relationship is put to the test on a getaway that is anything but typical. Written by award-winning novelist Antony Johnston (FRIGHTEN CURVES) and illustrated by breakout talent Mike Hawthorne (GRENDEL: RED, WHITE, & BLACK), THREE DAYS IN EUROPE brings a much-needed dose of romantic comedy to comic shops.

"I'd been a fan of Antony's writing from his work on the excellent comics journalism site NinthArt.com when Oni editor in chief Jamie S. Rich passed his first proposal on to me," said series editor James Lucas Jones. "It wasn't long before we had a project called EMILY SPOOK underway. There was just one problem-the artist that we had landed for that series was going to need some extra time, which meant delaying EMILY. These things happen, but I really didn't want to put off working with Antony until next year, so I asked him what else he had swimming around in his limey brain. He responded with THREE DAYS IN EUROPE."

Jack loves his job as an ad exec. He loves the wheeling and dealing. Jack also loves rock and roll. He especially loves QED. Finally, Jack loves Jill. Jill loves her job at the modern art gallery. She loves the unique visions and most of all Jill loves Jack. But love isn't always easy and things have been off between the couple for a while. Fortunately, Jack has the perfect solution! He's been planning the holiday of Jill's dreams--Paris, for a weekend over Valentine's Day, with passes to an invite-only gallery showing of an exclusive French Modernist painter. Jill knows nothing about this holiday-- it will be a complete, and grand, surprise. Jill's been busy too. She's booked them both a secret holiday in London with tickets to a very special Q.E.D show--a rare acoustic set on a popular music show. There's just one problem--both trips are scheduled to start the same night!

[3 Days]"Despite being relatively new to comics, I really wanted to avoid being branded as a one-trick pony," Antony Johnston added. "I'd already won an award for my illustrated horror novel FRIGHTENING CURVES with artist Aman Chaudhary and was well into 150 WEST, my crime/horror serial for the Warren Ellis edited anthology NIGHT RADIO. When James and I started discussing what to do while we waited on EMILY, he asked me if I had something completely different from my previous work. Little did he know that the proposal for THREE DAYS IN EUROPE was already at the back of my mind."

Joining Antony and Oni on this get-away are artist Mike Hawthorne and cover artist J. Bone. While a new name to many comic fans, Hawthorne is no stranger to sequential art. He's self-published his own one-man anthology HYSTERIA and illustrated a story for Matt Wagner's upcoming GRENDEL: RED, WHITE, & BLACK. His crisp and evocative work on THREE DAYS is complimented with a set of beautiful covers by MUTANT TEXAN J. Bone.

"I've been a fan of Mike's work for a while and I'm really jazzed to finally work with him," Jones concluded. "His clean, clear line work combined with Antony's fresh and funny script make for a much-needed vacation from what you usually find at the comic store."

For a preview of THREE DAYS IN EUROPE visit http://www.onipress.com/titles/titles.php?id=3DE after July 29th!

THREE DAYS IN EUROPE #1 is a 32 page black-and-white comic for $2.95. It features a new color cover by J. Bone and contains mature situations. It ships to comic book stores on November 20, 2002.

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