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Pacific Rim Uprising Finally Reveals Key Story Details

by  in CBR Exclusives Comment
Pacific Rim Uprising Finally Reveals Key Story Details

The first story trailer has finally debuted for Pacific Rim Uprising, the sequel to the 2013 Guillermo Del Toro film that introduced audiences to huge mechanic Jaeger robots battling against gigantic Kaiju beasts from another dimension.

Ten years have passed since events of the original film. The Kaiju threat has been put to rest, and the world is safe… for now. From previous announcements and teases, we learned that the son of Stacker Pentecost, Jake, will be the focus point of the sequel — and that was pretty much it. This latest trailer, however, finally gives us a glimpse of how the world has changed ten years after the last Kaiju incursion, and appears to reveal why there are Jaegers battling each other.

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The new trailer gives us a dramatic, and rather important, reveal: Someone from Earth has reopened the gate to the Kaiju’s dimension, thus unleashing even nastier monsters. The trailer then cuts to a shot of a new character, Liwen Shao (Jing Tian), before revealing hundreds of new Jaegers being assembled. Most importantly, the giant mecha looks as though they’ve been crossed with the Kaiju. While the hulking machines appear to be assembled on Earth rather than in the Kaiju’s dimension, as the building’s architecture appears human and not at all representative of the alien world we saw in the first film. There’s also an intriguing shot of the Jaeger/Kaiju hybrids emitting a beam into the depths of the ocean where they open (or reopen) a gate into the other dimension.

If the Jaeger/Kaiju hybrids are being built on Earth, then one country or corporation would be needed to fund their creation. This would go against the survival instincts of the rest of the world, unless it’s a country set apart from the rest. It’s possible that once the war with Kaiju ended, the conflicts between different countries were been reignited in the time that followed. If this is the case, then it seems possible that these walking weapons of mass destruction could be deployed in normal warfare as well as Kaiju battles. Could the shot of two Jaeger’s sword fighting be set during the beginning of the film showing the breakdown of foreign politics? The aftermath of an inter-dimensional war could certainly put a strain on international relations, the United Nations and foreign policy, especially with all the resources needed to keep the Jaegers running.

In the first film, the opening monologue from Charlie Hunnam stated that the world had already declared peace and pooled their resources to battle the Kaiju and ultimately save themselves. But if a rogue nation or corporation is manufacturing its own Jaegers, those peace agreements may her been have ripped to shreds before the opening of Pacific Rim Uprising. In both trailers, we see a dark grey Jaeger fighting Gipsy Avenger (piloted by Jake Pentecost). The fight is not only dramatic, it’s apparently fairly important to the film, and likely holds the final clue as to what’s behind reopening the rift.

Regardless, if the world is already rife with warfare and conflict, it makes sense why the military has a cadet wing of the Jaeger program. They’re constantly going to need Jaeger pilots, as that would obviously be the way military battles are now waged. After all, we’ve already seen a greater variety of Jaegers in two trailers than the entire first film.

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