Pacific Rim Uprising: Your Guide to the New Jaegers

That sound you hear is the stomping of Kaiju, giant, monstrous creatures who have returned to invade the Earth once more. Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim found a fandom thanks to his high stakes story that married giant monsters fighting futuristic and colossal robots piloted by humans. The film set itself apart from other giant monsters vs robots films thanks to the original creature designs that have become a signature of Del Toro's movies, as well as the impressive impact and look of the Jaegers. Every one of these building-sized robots had a specific design and personality, leading to each of them building their own specific fan following.

Now, the Kaiju are back in Pacific Rim Uprising. And though Del Toro isn't in the director's chair this time around, the sequel looks to bring back everything that excited audiences about the original film, while doubling down on it. The Kaiju are bigger and more vicious than ever, while the Jaegers are stronger and even more distinct. In the sequel, viewers will be introduced to five new Jaeger models which we have already briefly seen in action in the film's trailers. Here, CBR runs down everything you need to know about these five human-piloted robots, aka "humanity's last line of defense."

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Gipsy Avenger

Pacific Rim Uprising Gipsy Avenger

The iconic Jaeger of the first Pacific Rim film, the Gipsy Danger managed to save the world -- but it was destroyed beyond repair as a result. Now, as the fight for survival begins anew, a new group of Jaegers will be led by its successor, the Gipsy Avenger. A Mark VI Jaeger that stands at 268 feet tall, the Avenger is recognized by everyone thanks to a design that calls back to its predecessor. It is co-piloted by Jake Pentecost (son of deceased Jaeger pilot and key figure of the battle against the Kaiju, Stacker Pentecost) and Nate Lambert.

The blue-hued Gipsy Avenger is faster than its predecessor, and even more agile. On top of that, it's armed with a new weapon called the Gravity Sling, something that can latch on to any object in the vicinity and use it in a hard-hitting attack. Armed with upgraded versions of the Danger's dual chain swords, plasma blaster and elbow rockets, the Gipsy will redefine what it means to hold the power of a hurricane.

Saber Athena

Pacific Rim Uprising Saber Athena Jaeger

The Saber Athena is also a Mark VI Jaeger, a next-generation mech with a different design than most Jaegers. In fact, it's much sleeker, thinner and lighter than the usual Jaeger, and it has accelerated limbs that make it faster than the rest. With Twinblades fixed to its back, it can just as easily fight with its fists and feet as with its swords. What's more, these two blades can be fused into one even deadlier, supercharged weapon.

The Athena is also armed with a weapon called a particle charger, which will undoubtedly come in handy when it finds itself surrounded by hordes of Kaiju. At 252 feet, it may be shorter than the Gipsy, but it can move more fluently thanks to its fighting style that is akin to a dancer. With its bright orange color, the Athena isn't trying to hide. It's deadly, and it wants all of the Kaiju to see it coming.

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