Is Charlie Day's Newt the Villain of Pacific Rim Uprising?

Yesterday, we got our first new trailer for Pacific Rim Uprising, and it came with some monumental revelations. The biggest, however, is that the reason for the Kaiju returning is someone from the human world reopened the Breach -- and we think it's a familiar face.

In the trailer, not only do we see heroic Jaegar Gipsy Avenger fighting against an evil Jaegar, we also see a Jaegar that's been fused with a Kaiju. In fact, we later see many of them coming together to open up a portal, presumably to allow more villainous monsters to flow out.

The identity of the traitor to humanity hasn't been revealed, and likely won't be until the film itself releases in March. On one hand, it could very well just a rogue nation that's decided to start up war again for their own means. However, we're betting the villain is someone we already know: Charlie Day's Newt Geiszler.

Let's back up a bit. In the original Pacific Rim, Newt is a noted "Kaiju fanboy," to the point where he's even got tattoos of them on his arm and confesses to Charlie Hunnam's Raleigh Becket that he's always wanted to see one up close. Newt later manages to get permission to find a Kaiju brain and Drift with it in order to learn more about them, and is able to acquire access to one with the help of a team of Kaiju scavengers. He drifts with the beast and learns that the monsters have been genetically engineered by alien colonists in the Anteverse.

As the film establishes, Drifting is a two-way process, a form of intimacy; in merging brains with the Kaiju, Newt merged brains with the aliens on the other side of the Breach. Those aliens, it turned out, happen to be a hive mind, meaning that every one of them became aware of Newt and humanity's plans to wipe them out.

See where we're going with this? Since merging with a Kaiju brain was previously impossible and considered a bad idea, it's likely these aliens were able to use their telekinetic abilities to take control of Newt for the last decade. From there, the story writes itself; all Newt would have to do under their thrall is identify those in positions of power and help the reach of the aliens spread. From there, they'd easily be able to create a rogue Jaegar under the guise of adding it to the collection of robotic peacekeepers. With the plans for the Jaegars literally in their minds, the aliens could learn how to create a Kaiju that can fuse with the mechanized defenders and wipe out others of its ilk so easily.

Now, if true, it's not really the fault of Newt; after all, in our theoretical exercise, he's under another beings' psychic control. As the X-Men's Professor X has shown us, the most powerful minds can just suppress any memories that would give themselves away. With Newt being as close to the Jaegar program as he is, they would understandably keep him around there as often as possible so he can identify new designs, weapons, pilots, and the like. But as for everyone else? They likely view those unfortunate souls as expendable sacrifices in their efforts to wipe out humanity.

Of course, this is just a theory. It's possible that the rogue Jaegar and the Kaiju/Jaegar hybrids are completely unrelated to one another, only to become a singular threat at some point in the film. But if there is some truth to this, and Newt's the reason for their return and evil robots running around... well, that's gonna be a massive bummer.

Arriving in theaters on March 23, Pacific Rim Uprising stars John Boyega, Rinko Kikuchi, Scott Eastwood, Cailee Spaeny, Jing Tian, Adria Arjona, Karan Brar, Ivanna Sakhno, Zhang Jin, Zhu Zhu, Burn Gorman, and Charlie Day.

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