Pacific Rim, Godzilla Sequels Get Monstrous New Titles


Legendary's "Godzilla" reboot and "Pacific Rim" were pretty monstrous hits at the box office (while the latter did okay stateside, it was a massive success abroad), all but ensuring a sequels would be coming down the pipelines in the near future. Both franchises' newest entries have been under planning and production for some time now, and to further prove that things are still right on track, the pair just received a couple of subheadings, just in time for the holidays.

Godzilla 2 and Pacific Rim 2 are now officially upgraded to "Godzilla: King of Monsters," and "Pacific Rim: Uprising," giving perhaps a small hint at the direction of both future releases. The former hearkens back to the original 1954 Toho Studios classic that first referred to Japan's atomic beast by a variation on that moniker, while "Uprising" could easily refer to the return of pan-dimensional baddies, or perhaps humanity's fight against them. Either way, expect a lot of carnage to ensue in both films.

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This would also appear to negate reports that the sequel to Guillermo del Toro's monsters versus giant robots flick would be titled "Pacific Rim: Maelstrom," and although that definitely sounded cool, "Uprising" will probably be easier to spell for the casual viewer.

First up in theaters will be "Uprising," which is currently filming with stars John Boyega, Adria Arjorna, and Scott Eastwood, and set to make a ruckus on February 23, 2018. "King of Monsters" unfortunately still hasn't confirmed any casting, and won't bow until March 22, 2019.

(via Deadline)

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