<i>Pacific Rim</i> Being Converted to 3D

Despite resistance by Guillermo del Toro, Warner Bros. has announced it will convert the director's highly anticipated sci-fi epic Pacific Rim to 3D.

The Variety report uses the term "strong-armed," which may very well be true, but given the subject matter -- giant robots versus giant monsters -- and an estimated $200 million, it's easy to see why the studio is adamant about 3D.

As recently as Comic-Con International, del Toro insisted the film wouldn't be 3D, telling Collider, ""There was a discussion that took a long time to overcome and that was to make the movie 3D. And I didn’t want to make the movie 3D because when you have something big … to force the 3D effect on robots and monsters that are supposed to be [big], you are making them miniaturized, you are making them human scale. I knew that 3D effects sounded like a good idea, but it was going to be counter.”

In Pacific Rim, monstrous creatures rise from the sea, with only Jaegers -- massive robots, each controlled by two pilots -- standing between these Kaiju and the destruction of humanity. Opening July 12, 2013, the Legendary Pictures film stars Idris Elba, Charlie Hunnam and Charlie Day. Travis Beacham wrote the screenplay.

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