P. Craig Russell assembles stunning lineup for <i>The Graveyard Book</i>

Epic artist P. Craig Russell has become well known for his collaborations with author Neil Gaiman over the past couple of decades, and in recent years he's adapted several of the author's short stories and prose novels into comics form. But now for his next hat trick, he's enlisted a Magnificent Seven Nine-esque group of artists to illustrate individual chapters for his adaptation of Gaiman's celebrated 2008 children's fantasy novel The Graveyard Book, announced in June.

As Russell told Comic Book Resources in a weekend interview, he's writing the script and doing the layouts for the 352-page book, with a murderer's row of artists coming in behind him to illustrate it. Joining Russell is Michael Golden, David LaFuente, Jill Thompson, Kevin Nowlan, Tony Harris, Galen Showman and Scott Hampton. Russell said Hampton's contribution will be about 100 pages, and that Nowlan is drawing the first story.

"[Nolan] has such an elegant style and I just think he's so good that to lead off the book with him is a good thing. Also there's a scene in the beginning in the first four or five pages that takes place in a wide, narrow house and he's good with architecture. Just the way he draws doors and baseboards," Russell said with a laugh. "You would think there are only so many ways you can do baseboards but he does it beautifully and I like the idea of him doing that design because the nature of this thing, these aren't separate stories, there are characters that run throughout all of them so some characters he's going to be designing that all the other artists will have to follow and I think he's a wonderful designer, also. So some of the ghosts he's doing, his designs will be followed. There's also a couple characters that I'm designing that I'm giving him the designs for that he'll follow. And also, just like I said, the look of the house. In the seventh chapter, the big one that Scott Hampton does, we come back into that house again so he will have that to refer to like having a model sheet when he starts doing work on his chapter."

This graphic novel adaptation of The Graveyard Book is to be published by HarperCollins.

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